In the intricacies of a digitally connected era, the dynamics of our interaction with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on reasoning play a pivotal role in shaping productivity and outcomes. Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to an extraordinary AI playground—Brainglue.


What is Brainglue?

Brainglue is an innovative online platform that empowers you to craft personalized AI reasoning strategies through prompt chains. These strategies, presented through user-friendly forms, turn Brainglue into a cutting-edge AI playground for constructing and sharing intelligent and robust AI prompting chains.

How to Use Brainglue?

Designed for the utmost user interaction simplicity, Brainglue offers an intuitive platform where you can link multiple AI prompts to enhance reasoning. Easily create intricate configurations and seamlessly transition from experimentation to real-world applications using their intuitive form builder or their straightforward API.

Benefits of Brainglue

With Brainglue, delve into advanced AI experimentation and discovery. The platform facilitates seamless sharing of AI reasoning strategies and integrates seamlessly with leading AI models such as GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.

  • Prompt Chaining: Create chains using outputs from previous prompts for complex and reasoned results.
  • Token Estimation: Efficiently utilize tokens with prompt and output estimates.
  • Output Delivery: Deliver your outputs via email or post to a webhook endpoint.

Pros and Cons


  1. Seamless integration of AI models.
  2. Smooth transition from testing to implementation.
  3. Provision for prompt chaining and complex reasoning.


  1. Limited compatibility with AI models, though additional model support is announced.

Getting Started with Brainglue

Embarking on Brainglue’s AI environment is as simple as creating an account and exploring the provided form examples. These examples can be cloned to serve as a starting point for crafting your AI configurations.


As of now, specific information regarding Brainglue’s pricing structure is not available. Stay updated by checking their official website for any announcements.

Alternatives to Brainglue

Explore alternatives such as OpenAI, AI-Writer, and InferKit for various capabilities in AI text generation and editing.


Q: Is Brainglue suitable for both beginner and advanced users?

A: Yes, Brainglue’s user-friendly interface caters to both beginners venturing into AI reasoning and experienced users enhancing their strategies.

Q: How does Brainglue deliver the outputs?

A: Brainglue completes chains with delivery actions like sending outputs via email or posting to a webhook endpoint.


Brainglue transforms our approach to AI reasoning by simplifying complex procedures into interactive prompt chains. This digital playground invites both AI enthusiasts and developers to unlock the limitless potential of AI, expanding the horizon for AI-enabled tasks. Dive into Brainglue for a distinctive and dynamic AI experience.