Are you seeking an innovative tool to churn out viral clips from long-form conversational video content? If yes, then Qlip is just the service for you. This artificial intelligence model has been specifically designed to leverage the latest social network trends to create shorts with the potential to go viral in a matter of minutes.

How it works:

Using Qlip is a straightforward process. You begin by inputting your long-form video from either your computer or via a YouTube link. The proprietary AI then gets to work and, in a flash, delivers viral clips with subtitles. The magic of Qlip is that you are not just limited to accepting what the AI presents. Instead, you can fine-tune the highlighted sections, adjusting starting and ending points, and customizing subtitles.


The standout benefit of using Qlip is its convenience. In this age of digital content, Qlip streamlines the video editing process and reduces the time and energy that would typically go into creating short, catchy videos. Plus, it uses the power of AI to pick out trending highlights to help your content get noticed on crowded social networks.

Supported Languages:

As of now, Qlip supports English and French languages. However, they are planning to introduce Spanish and many other languages by Q4 of 2024.


Qlip offers a free 14-day trial with 120 minutes of upload but includes watermarks on the clips. After this trial, their paid plans start at only $12 per month, which includes 60 minutes of upload and watermark-free clips. For detailed pricing information, check here.

Pros and Cons:

Qlip is undoubtedly an asset when it comes to creating viral clips. However, like all services, it has its pros and cons. On the plus side, Qlip uses AI technology to identify viral content and is an easy-to-use tool. However, as of now, it is limited to English and French languages. Moreover, its compatibility is more profound with conversational content.


While Qlip provides an innovative and helpful solution, some similar platforms include Kapwing and VEED, which also provide subtitle and editing tools. However, Qlip differentiates itself with its specific focus on creating viral video content.


One common query is the possibility of editing AI-generated highlights, and yes, users can fully modify the highlights to their liking. As for sharing clips, users can choose the format and either download it directly to their computer or share it directly on TikTok or YouTube!

In conclusion, Qlip.AI offers a promising way to leverage AI in video content creation and modification, ensuring your content reaches wider audiences while retaining engagement and relevance.

Join the Qlip community today on Discord to stay informed about their latest updates and enhancements, and have all your questions and feedback addressed. Or, reach out via chat on their platform. Embrace the ease and convenience of AI with Qlip.