If you’re constantly creating how-to guides, articles, and walkthroughs for your business, you’ve probably faced the tedious task of manual documentation. Well, Comms HQ promises a revolution by automating this process. How do they achieve this? And what benefits could you reap from this system? This review breaks it all down for you.

Introduction to Comms HQ

Comms HQ simplifies the task of generating how-to guides by allowing you to naturally record yourself as you complete tasks. Give the system a video URL, and voila – it generates a comprehensive guide! Unlike traditional methods, you won’t need a Chrome extension. This innovative platform allows you to create other forms of content as well, such as walkthroughs, articles, and landing pages.

How to Use Comms HQ

  1. Begin by recording a video using your tool of choice. Cover every step you want to document and verbalize all details.
  2. Share the recording link with Comms HQ. The video enters a queue, where it undergoes a transformation: transcription, video clipping, and matching the clips.
  3. Wait for the automated system to utilize AI for processing and generating a succinct, easy-to-follow guide.

Benefits of Using Comms HQ

Comms HQ offers a rapid, hassle-free solution to documentation, potentially doubling your team’s efficiency. Not only does this save valuable time and effort, but it also ensures all information is easily accessible. The completed guides can be utilized for team onboarding or as a knowledge base that enhances SEO.

Pros and Cons of Comms HQ


  1. Automation and Ease of Use: No manual documentation or need for chrome extensions.
  2. Variety of Outputs: Produce how-to guides, articles, and walkthroughs among other content.
  3. AI Application: Efficient and accurate production of guides using AI technology.


  1. You’ll need to spend time checking the transcription for errors and may need to edit it.

Getting Started with Comms HQ

Starting with Comms HQ is easy. Simply start recording, share your link with Comms HQ, and let the platform handle the rest. It’ll deliver a well-curated guide ready for distribution to your teams or inclusion in your knowledge base.


Comms HQ hasn’t shared detailed pricing information publicly on their website. Contact them for pricing information tailored to your needs.

Alternatives to Comms HQ

Alternatives include traditional methods that involve manual documentation using proprietary tools or chrome extensions. Other alternatives include automated systems such as Robohash and Hotjar.


  1. What types of content can Comms HQ create? Comms HQ generates guides, articles, landing pages, and walkthroughs.
  2. Can Comms HQ fix transcription errors? Yes, once your guides are generated, you can view and edit the transcription to fix errors.
  3. Can I share guides directly from Comms HQ? Yes, you can share guides directly from the platform or import them into your preferred tool.

In conclusion, Comms HQ presents a dynamic way of automating documentation, taking the grunt work out of your hands and into a fast, efficient AI system. The ability to cover various forms of content while harnessing the benefits of this user-friendly platform certainly seems to hold value for teams across different sectors.

Give it a whirl and see just how much time and effort you could be saving.